Affiliate Marketing in the USA

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    I would like to ask you about affiliate marketing in the USA, how does it function in the USA.

    In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and CIS states 70% of offers are generated in partner networks. Top affiliates make about 1000 offers on CPA model per day and the most of affiliates make about 100 offers on CPA model per day as well. They buy the traffic (offers) on CPC model in the advertising networks for, let?s say, 2 USD and sell this traffic (offers) on CPA model for 3 USD. They have the profit of about 50% out of it. We have in these countries such offers, as mail items, online games, mobile installation. 70% of these offers are generated by affiliates and 30% of them are made by publishers.

    And what is the affiliate marketing structure in the USA, could you please explain me?[/FONT]