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Affiliate marketing a bitter experience

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by danouma, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Oct 3, 2008
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    Affiliate marketing a bitter experience
    I would like to share with my fellow affiliate marketers (novice and pro alike), a frustrating experience I had recently with an affiliate network called Astoria Company. A brief background about my network marketing activities. For a few years now I have been building e-commerce websites using the data feeds (of advertisers I joined in the affiliate programs of a well known affiliate network (Commission Junction) ) and populating my websites with their products, a marketing strategy that did not payback much . Recently I wanted to try other affiliate marketing programs like pay per click, giveaways, sweepstakes and daily deals, so I joined a new batch of CPA networks among them Astoria. I bought a domain name and web hosting account and started collecting data from the banner ads on Astoria to populate my new website, after spending the money and a few days of work the following email exchange happened that ended in the deletion of my account :
    Hi ,
    Please remove all of the offers you are running with Astoria especially the one on http://www.love-deals.com/ by EOD Dec 31st, 2013.
    We do not need traffic from such placement.
    Let me know when the offers have been removed.
    Thank you
    My Reply:
    what do you mean "We do not need traffic from such placement." I did not break any laws !!! , I paid $ 100 to buy a domain name and web hosting to display your offers . by asking me to remove your ads for no reason, you need to pay for the damage you caused me . I respected your terms of service. buying a domain name and web hosting to run your stuff is not outside the TOS . I will remove your ads and ask you to remove me from your irresponsible network after you have compensated me for the damage you have caused .
    http://www.love-deals.com/ has no (quality) content other than tons of affiliate offers. It?s just going to give off poor user experience. As we mentioned, We do not need traffic from such placements (banner farms). However, you are free to do so with other networks if they are OK with it.
    Nevertheless, May you have the best year ahead in 2014
    And the account was deleted the second day, all the posts are still on the website (I added a few from other Networks). It will take a while to clean the mess and since Google has already indexed most of the posts , I need to figure out how to remove them without affecting negatively the indexing (Google does not like 404 errors or dead links especially on newly created websites).
    My advice to all the people who are new in the CPA marketing business :
    . When you join an affiliate network make sure that they will not pull the carpet from under your feet like Astoria did (When they call you in person before granting approval they will ask you a few questions about your activities etc. be sincere tell them what your marketing plans are and ask them about the TOS details).
    . When you populate a website with vendor products or offers do it in such a way that if you are obliged to remove some posts / ads it will not disfigure your hard work nor will it make your indexed pages on Google a mess.
    . When you spend money on new domain names, web hosting , Adwords campaigns etc. start slow build up on your success and let the Affiliate network think twice before deleting your account if THEY believe you have done something wrong , because at the end of the day as long as you are promoting ether people stuff you are a beggar and not a chooser.
    It is the first time this incident happens to me although I have been in this field for many years, my question for the PROS is , what did I do wrong ? I wanted to promote stuff like : iTunes GC, Visa GC, Baby Relief Kit, Summer Samples, Coca Cola..... by creating a niche website, was Astoria unfair with a an Affiliate publisher like me ?