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    hey let me ask you guys a question....

    I was doing affiliate marketing for a couple of adult date sites, I was using a simple affiliate url link in an ad for one affiliate. The link took the potential customer straight to the date site, the simplest marketing you can do!..........The other affiliate I was using a landing page, then I got banned by that affiliate because the BP classified site complained to my affiliate that I was spamming their site with too many ads.....

    now I'm gun shy to do anymore posting.....can you offer me any advice? it seems that most advertisers warn against posting ads on a "craigslist" type site or classified ads in general.....I had heard to create a landing page, the landing page didn't protect me as all the site did was follow the bouncing ball. ultimately it took them to my advertiser

    are there any products or services that generally don't have restrictions about posting classified ads? I'm with cj and clickbank too, but haven't really done much with either network...

    your thoughts are welcomed.....
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