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    DISCLAIMER: this is going to be a long post :) seriously if you don't have 10 minutes to spare click away

    GOAL 1: first sale
    GOAL 2: 1 sale per day
    GOAL 3: automate as much as possible

    So as many of you know, affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online. I've been studying and analysing this for a long time, and I've started to do it.

    I've launched my own blog (I can't afford a self-hosted one as of now), and I'm organising my content as such, which I believe is very good:

    * there is a category
    * this category has many topics
    * each topic has 5 or so (monetised) articles

    My first category is health. I have found a good clickbank product to promote which would at the basic level (not including upsells) give me about $27 per sale. They have a lot of affiliate tools as well so I have no trouble promoting this product. Let's call the topic X.

    I currently have 5 topic X content posts, all SEO optimised. The main X post links to a presell page for the product (in review form). The other 4 articles are related to topic X, and may be monetised (more info later).

    I am in the process of ranking my main article first (backlinks, guest posts, and PBN, article directory), and once that's done, I will do the other articles).

    I am also preparing some related forums for me to post my links to.

    I want to completely finish with a single topic before moving onto the next one.

    With many things, it's good to have late ambitions, but they should be composed of smaller goals. My first goal is to simply have 1 sale ($27). This will just confirm that my efforts are actually paying off and that I should pursue the niche.

    And the ultimate aim is for my website to have multiple categories (ie health, fitness, fashion), each with multiple topics, and each topic with 5 or so articles monetised with clickbank and Amazon.

    (please don't give a simple answer; give some explanation or link me to another thread)

    1. Was it wise for me to create a affiliate site network? What I mean is that my site will have a wide range of categories and posts from varying niches, and each one will promote different affiliate products. Currently, I am working on my health category; should I just have made that a niche site?

    1.6) As I've stated, each topic will have 5 or so posts. My main post for topic X leads to a presell review post of the clickbank product. I was thinking for the other posts in the topic to link them to helpful reviews of Amazon products (affiliate links, of course). Is that a good thing to do?

    1.9) When writing reviews, should I do comparison reviews or should I do single reviews?

    2. I know for new sites, getting backlinks from related forums is useful. I have isolated 10 forums for topic X in my health category. Is there anything I should know about forum posting, or blog commenting, comments on my posts, automated commenting etc? (Any links to useful threads appreciated)

    2.4) What are all the good ways to rank posts? I was thinking forums, PBNs, article directories, social media etc.

    2.8) My site name is quite unique, in fact searching for it alone ranks on the first page of Google. Because my site isn't niche specific, is it better to use the ranking techniques above on my posts and topics rather than the main site itself?

    3. I have acquired all the social media handles (except Twitter). All my posts have been shared to them, but I want to grow my accounts. I am currently on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Any tips on that? Maybe some automated tools like MassPlanner? Any tips of how to get my Twitter handle (the current owner has been inactive for about 3 years)? I heard Pinterest is a good traffic source. Any other social media I should be using??? Again, any links to threads appreciated.

    4. I was thinking in the future to look into paid advertising. I have no clue how PPC or bla bla bla works, so could someone explain or link me to a thread about adverts. I do have a £50 bing ads coupon. Also, I hope in the future to have a self-hosted website where I can use Adsense. What is the etiquette for the amount of ads on a page?

    So yeah. That is my first update. I will be updating this thread as my journey progresses, and I will check this daily. Thank you all. Any questions feel free to drop a line