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    here a new post about what i have done this week in exemple

    i am affiliate in gammbling business so nice i can promote mimes affiliates links and i have a list more or less 30 redirection but there is a trouble big one :D

    i made tons of links
    more or less 5,000 results stats 00000000000

    why it's simple
    all the time they read the same meta title or all meta tags so if you put your allfiltes links in 30 redirections
    you get same time 30 duplicates pages

    so i was looking and found some who do it but small in results and do more or less 500 banners
    and changes meta and keywords all the time need a week

    so is there a redirection script or something like than can help me to change meta looking for 1 keyword each time please

    exemple gambling i give my affiliat link and give me more or less 10-20-50 new redirection each one different meta tags (i know look like rss copy) :D

    thanks a lot for all if you can help me
    have a nice day