Affilates wanted: Woman / Fashion / Lingerie / Swimwear niches

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    Oct 23, 2011
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    Hi everyone,

    One of my customers selling expensive lingerie and swimwear, looking for serious affiliates.
    Commission is 10% from sale (average sale is $100-$200).
    Visitor's tracking log is valid for 90 days that means you get paid even if visitor buys something 2 month latter.
    Commissions paid monthly (minimum $50).
    Every affiliate have they own account with all tracking and financial information.
    As I know at the moment one very active affiliate paid every month and another get payments every two months. Couple of lazy guys got $50 after a few months.

    So, if you have a website in women's niche and have empty space for banner or text link, hit me with PM, I'll send you a link for registration.