Affilates wanted 20% commision - xmas sexy costumes massive sale

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    Hi Guys

    I need some hardcore affiliate marketing done to smash out some products in time for Christmas on a new site i just setup i have a load of stock and i've cut the prices to beat all competitors in the UK.. Bonus for international free worldwide delivery, so that best most others on price.

    I need you to sign up and market the hell out of it, all ways you can!..

    I will give you a massive 20% commission - min sale is around $45 - i'm not advertising this any where else, this is just on BHW

    Brand new site I have designed which i think looks very professional!... more stock adding all the time

    PM for a link if your interested. Thanks!

    update: affiliates will have own login to track stats unique url 30 day cookie set on referrals.. i will pay all commissions each week on a Sunday! with out fail! - can confirm with you on skype if you wish, will give you my full contact details no problem.
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