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Affie Network

Jul 25, 2019
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About Us is a CPA/RevShare network, we work in various verticals, and we are always looking for more publishers. Our primary vertical is sweepstakes, where we work closely with the leading advertisers on the market.

Our Publisher/Advertiser support is available all time of day, and we should always be able to find the most profitable destination for your traffic.

We started out as an advertiser and therefor many of our offers are owned in-house.

Why Affie for Publishers?
  • Fast Payouts, we can do net 7.
  • Multiple payout options, we support Wire, WebMoney, PayPal and Payoneer.
  • Our Publisher Managers help you earn more.
  • Excellent reputation, never missed an invoice, some of the biggest networks can vouch for us as Advertisers.
  • Working 24/7 to get you the best deals possible.

How much do your offers typically pay?

Sweepstakes typically pay between 10$ and 30$+ for each signup, depending on the GEO and the campaign.
Dating is on a SOI and DOI basis.

What kind of campaigns do you offer?

We offer Sweepstake campaigns in US, PL, FR, IT, ES, NO, SE, DE, CH, BE, FI and more, we can also add some GEO's when requested.
We offer dating campaigns in the EU.

Find more information on our website:

Sign up here:

Contact Us

Skype: [email protected]
So all campaigns are exclusive to you?

You said other networks can vouch for you as advertisers...what networks are they can send me a pm so I can ask!
So all campaigns are exclusive to you?

You said other networks can vouch for you as advertisers...what networks are they can send me a pm so I can ask!

Hi TheVigilante

All Campaigns are not exclusive to us, but since we are an advertiser our self, we do offer some campaigns from our own advertisement department exclusively. We do not guarantee that we have exclusive campaigns from other advertisers, that are not our self.

Regarding the PM; it will be sent during the day.

Best Regards
The Affie Team
Very Interested in your network. Signed up.

What traffic is accepted?

Is media buying allowed?
how long is affie existing ?

Hi Gloman4,

Affie as a brand is quite recently launched, but we have a long history of working in the industry - we have worked as advertisers with some of the leading networks for more than 2 years.
Feel free to reach out to one of our managers: [email protected] and she will provide you with all the information you may need about our network.

Best Regards
The Affie Team
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New top offer for PL! Reach out to your manager for more info!
Hi Alossra,

Yes we have very good converting DE offers.
One of out managers will reach out to you and share all the needed information.
Thank you for reaching out.

Best Regards,
The Affie Team
Send request on skype : nobiraj
Also apply use alomnobi@gmail
Wait for active account .
I love fuckbook.

Let me know if you approve me, then i will signup and will try your network.
Just signed up. My name is Aryan kushwah. Waiting for approval
@bdman please sign up for our platform. Looking forward to meeting you and commencing our cooperation.

@Alexbru Approved and contacted :)

@monir123 We do. Sign up for our platform and take a look at our top-performing dating offers
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