Adwords Tool - How to Sign Up New Acct w/o CC/Bank Info?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BrooklynsFinest, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Hey Everyone,

    Just had a quick question, thought maybe someone out there could help me, I tried doing a few searches on G and BHW itself, but couldn' find a straight answer.....

    I'm setting up training materials on how to use the Adwords Tool for keyword research, and as I was making screenshots, I realized that you can no longer create an "adwords" account without entering in payment information. It requires you to put in either banking info or cc info. From what I remember, I don't think I did this, although it's possible I used a disposable CC, but I really don't think so, I set up this account years ago probably.

    Anyway, my question is if anyone knows if there's a way to set up an "Adwords Account" and use the "Adwords Keyword Planner," without entering billing info? I tried accessing it through the old adwords tool, and then upgrading the account, tried a link that I found that said "if you're an advanced user click here..." I kept getting back to the same billing screen.

    Any response is greatly appreciated! :)