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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mkdarling, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Nov 5, 2007
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    Someone explain to me....Ruck, I seen this on your blog....

    Am understanding this correctly...

    1. You find high paying affiliates for products (ie Christmas goodies)
    2. Use Adwords to send customers to the affiliates sites

    Is is that simple or am I missing something here....
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    It in retrospect it's not that simple. It's almost the complete opposite. I have been using Adwords and Yahoo Search for about a year now. I have lost tons of cash learning and testing. I just put up a post about how I recently lost another nice chunk of change because I got in a hurry and forgot to GEO Target the country I was going to be advertising in.

    As far as the "christmas goodies", what I am referring to here is that my best two months of the year occur in November and December. These really seem to be the heavy shopping months for the markets I am in. Now normally I have always advertised in the US, but with increasing brutally competitive markets, I decided to go outside the US this year.

    Ok another thing. When sending customers to affiliate sites, it's very hard to direct link these days becuase of the Google Relevancy and Quality Score formulas. You have to send your visitors that are optimized and look authoritive in Google's eyes. Unfortunately I won't say what network I work with as you can see it could be potentially competitive for me. But, if you link to a network product page and your getting Minimum CPC bids of $1.00 or more, I would almost guarantee you that it's either one or two things. And you can test these to figure out which one it is.

    1. The page is optimized good enough. Simple to find out is to run a couple of ads for other products on different pages in the network. If your minimum bids are still $1.00 or more I would put money it's this next problem.

    2. Google does not like the domain. A lot of people believe that it's always their pages which are the problem. Sadly, while most people debate me on this, I simply move display and destination (if I am direct linking) to another affiliate network and check my bids. Once you start getting those Minimum CPC of $0.10 or less, you know your in good hands.

    So no it is far from easy if your not familiar with Paid Advertising and Affiliate products. Normally, I only promote products that will give me $10 commission or more. I never promote digital goods.

    The thing that may seperate me from a lot of people is that I worked a little over 5 years in a Wal Mart Distribution Center. I got really familiar with the ins and out of seasonal freight. I always remember in the spring times when Grills, fertilizer, lawn equipment became heavy in demand.

    Same as true for July-August. Back to school would be coming on so computers, laptops, cellphones, high end electronics would be in heavy demand.

    Get to where you can identify a popular market. Optimize your ads to only get relevant clicks. Link to a network or landing page optimized to bring you a high relevancy with Google and your off to a good start.

    Now when you get that successful ad bringing you a good profit NOT ROI then it's time to take that same ad and apply to Yahoo and MSN.

    There's tons of things that can go wrong. If you would like some Adwords books to get involved in, I have a whole slew of them. Send me a pm or something and I will happily zip them and upload them for ya.