Adwords QS - bounce rate problem?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by seojumper, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Adwords QS - bounce rate problem?

    I have a campaign on onepage website.
    The order form is incorporated in this page.
    The LP is simmilar to CB selling pages.

    Because of this, I have very high bounce rate.
    Maybe it is higher as competition's bounce rate as they mostly have order page on the second page.

    At the beginning, for 2-3 days, QS was 10 for most of the keywords and now after 7 days of campaign QS is 5-6 even 4 with some keywords. CTR on these keywords is between 10-20%.
    The same time with the drop of QS the AVG CPC also rose (and cost/conversion too).
    Whole campaign has a CTR of 9,32% (5% at the begining).

    I don't see anthing wrong except that this is one page website, so the bounce rate lowers my QS.
    I will try to create a small presell page, so the bounce rate will be lower. Probably I will move order form to another page.

    Any other opinions on this matter?
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    Yes it sounds like your landing page needs to be optimized better. This can be a huge drain on QS. Google scans the landing page each time and if it can see that users are not finding the page useful, it penalizes you. Have you tried testing different variations using a split test? Is your action clear enough? Are your keywords prominent on the page? Do you deliver on your value proposition on the page (that was promised in the ad?). Is your conversion funnel easy to navigate?

    Maybe you can find some tips here,

    Hope that points you in the right direction,