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Discussion in 'Adwords' started by humanseed, Mar 16, 2011.

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    So, I'm getting Comcast (My cable company) to change my IP, and and I'm going to try and create a new Adwords account using a different name, address and new Credit Card, and was wondering about my domain...

    I've read that alot of people changed their Domain, so Adwords doesnt link the accounts, but.... is that totally necessary?

    I've spent alot of money on SEO, and have my backlinks growing, and would hate to start over...

    Anyone have any insight?
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    Mar 17, 2011
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    DNS root zone database
    This is unofficial, I'm not sure if it's true but I'm pretty sure that my friend was banned and he's been advertising the same website using a new account (with new credit card, info etc.)

    If your whois info is private you could always say that you bought the website from the previous owner...
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    Nope. they even know when domain names change hands into new owners. they are certified registrars also
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    Open new bank account, get new CC, (or use a different person's bank/cc account -- your spouse for example -- let him/her know about why you're doing this and get the permission to use it), use another person at home to create new Adwords account, change your/new-account-holder's address, get a new telephone number.

    PC: Delete all cookies and Flash cookies

    Don't use your same email (attached to your banned Adwords a/c) to open the new Adwords account and don't use/open your prev Adsense accounts from the same PC. Google (am almost sure of this) can link your Adsense account details with your new Adwords account on your PC. Google can easily scan your PC for these cookies. Google for how to delete those Flash cookies. You may need to go to Macromedia Flash-player site to delete those flash cookies.

    If you are serious about using Adwords, then use another PC, change your computer name, Workgroup, and IP address. You may try good proxy to log in your new account.

    And of course, use a new site. Better to be extra cautious.

    There may still be other things to take care of to make your new account work.