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    Hi, My name is Brandon and I am sick and tired of spending thousands of dollars for empty promises. I am now seeking a partnership to share my large profits with the right Awords Guru. Afterall, life is a team sport.

    I don't care how great a marketer anyone is but the reality is, people buy people. That's what I specialize in. I have excellent communication skills and a high conversion ratio for people buying our high ticket items for $1,000,$5,000,$9,000 profits.

    What I'm looking for: I am looking to team up with an Adwords Specialist who can guide me and together grow a solid campaign with several landing pages - everything just done right! My main site right now is which does very well but understand the importance of creating specific landing pages per adgroup. My main source of marketing now is Craigslist / Local Magazines. I have generated a little under $200,000 this year from doing this and ready to take my business to the next level.

    What I foresee: If there is someone out there who can help me market the way I know I need too, I will convert the leads and get BIG SALES which means profit sharing with you. Instead of paying a couple of thousand up front, I would share a good amount of profits which could result in $10,000 - $20,000 per month for you.

    To much to talk about here but if this at all strikes your attention and interested in speaking more about this opportunity and seeing how we can help each other, please PM me your number so I can call you.