Adwords KeywordTool - accepts only first 50 keywords, and quietly ignores the rest

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by alex1, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Just discovered this "feature" of Adwords KeywordTool. I am talking about the current one (hxxps://adwords*google*com/select/KeywordTool). Have not tested the new one (since it is in BETA)

    Here is the story:

    - was doing a keyword research by pasting bunches of keywords into KW Tool
    - Noticed that one of the very popular Keywords was NOT PRESENT in the KW Results, so I started to investigate.
    - My guess was that KW Tool accepts only the first NN keywords and quietly IGNORES the rest of keywords you've entered.
    - As soon as I moved my uber popular KW into the first 50 keywords, it showed up in the results with the huge number of monthly searches, etc


    - never paste more than 50 lines into Google KW Tool when doing your KW research, or you MAY MISS some POPULAR keywords

    P.S. Just to be clear, "Include Synonyms" was UNCHECKED and I was looking at the [EXACT] number of searches (not like it matters here)