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Oct 28, 2008
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I put this in the Adwords secttion yesterday, and no one answered:

I just received a $100 coupon from google for a "new" adwords account.
I don't know why because I've had an account for over 2 years!

Anyway, what do I do.....set up an account in my wife's name and run
a campaign?

Can I run one of my own? Don't want to get the boot! Thanks.
I've got 2 coupons, one google gave me in webmaster tools for $100 and another for my country in which g is promoting adwords (got it via clicking on an adsense link lol). I've used both but on different accounts. No problems there but i did not use the same cc as i think that they don't allow the same cc info, even for different accounts. Both cc's are in my name.
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