Adwords campaign are useless no single converting

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by mainceaft, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Hi everyone .
    I have adwords campaign running since 4 days and no single sale . I do this for my new local sharedhosting business (in my country) .
    the more important the bounce rate reach 97% :squareeye . while i bid on right KW but people keep escaping from same entry page .
    My homepage are well designed shown all Plans Payment methods .my website using https connection with Valid SSL .
    I see my competitors homepage some are worst then me but their campaign still running .
    then I thought this could be I'm new in this highly competitive business and visitors don't trust my brand, and it's hard for them give me their CC info or pay me through PayPal etc .
    I change my campaign to network Ads instead search Ads and the result was worst . I got 50K ad-view and 300 Clicks as usual 0 converting .
    it's not stop their G send me mobile phones/tablets traffics special I phone/iPad and very few Desktop visitors ? I contact G support and they tell I have to reduce Tablets/Mobilephones bids to -100% but thats didn't help at all . so I reduce all campaign CPC to make ads less appear on mobile devices . and I waiting result today .
    I know my budget was small but this is my first adwords business campaign all what I wanted is one single converting but it's not work as I want it to be .
    if any one run success adwords campaign pleas guide me what's wrong I was doing all that time . and is it normal got 0 converting if you are new on business .
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    If your CTR is low, you have to check your ad copy. You will have to learn little bit of copywriting to make your ads more clickable. Again, people do not buy when they go to your website. You need to make a landing page and offer them something, so that they can leave their email address / phone. You need to then follow up with these people to make sales. You need to make your website and landing page with responsive design, so that even the mobile viewers can see your website. Good luck.
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    As you are saying that you are not getting a single click so it means you have to work on your landing page, try to target only those people who are really interested in the item which you are selling. if you are using display network then don't make your placement on the websites like which has low conversion rate and which are not appropriate for your audience. you can also reach people who visited your site before by creating a remarketing campaign.
    All THE BEST.