Adwords, arbitrage and complete drop of traffic


Oct 21, 2008
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I have a small problem with my campaigns and I am not sure what happened.

I run some adsense arbitrage campaigns and everything seemed fine and I was making some cash with no problems. Google didn't seem to mind and they even saw what I was doing once, but over these weekends it seems like all traffic was turned off. I was getting over 3k of clicks daily from my campaigns and now it all dropped down to zero.
What's very interesting is I got no emails, all my campaigns and keywords are active, adsense ads show up and no changes were made to account in terms of ad display.

I tried transferring one campaign from one account to another with everything the same and increased my bid a little and I see some impressions come in, but a lot less

Any ideas? Did anyone else has the same problem?

someone may be cutting into your niche. Have you looked to see if any competitors have sprung up?
I have too many niches for a competitor to have any effect so fast.

I do content network only so no QS is present..
Think I am gonna try contacting adwords directly and see what they say heh
maybe your domain is listed on one of these blacklist for adsense webmasters? Or most of your traffic comes with one or two places and owners of these websites banned you for some reason?
Try this same with new domain.
Change of domain seemed to help, just strange that all of my over 50+ campaigns went down all at the same time.
Thanks justdude for tip to try new domain :)
Who care about TOS ? This is black hat. As long as you don't use this same domain with this same keywords nothing bad happen. All affiliate webmasters using this same domain for promotion. G dispalys only this one who is paying most and have greatest quality score.
theis is wat they call Google bitch slap......its bound to happen if you are arbitraging adsense/ combinition is yahoo/adsense.
make sure know one got into your sites and replaced your adsense code with theirs... I have seen it happen.
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