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Adwords and Filthy Rich Chris

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by concentustech, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. concentustech

    concentustech Junior Member

    Jan 16, 2008
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    Adwords Vouchers Exposed​

    Just another 'get google ads free' publication. Best to Save your cash, here's the score:-
    You first Sign up for a Godaddy domain reseller account at WildWestDomains.com .
    You allegedly get $125 of Google adwords credit, and $200 of MSN ad credits too.
    Use your 'free first account' to buy a domain for youself, and you'll apparently get the same again, so
    that's $650 total ad credits. Open 2 Google adwords accounts and use the credits.
    Cancel your Godaddy account before the end of the 30 day trial period.
    Make sure to delete all cookies, refresh your IP address, remove google toolbars etc before doing any of this, as Google etc understandably don't much like being scammed.

    And of course, keep signing up for 'new' Google accounts (deleting cookies etc first) and they will offer you $50 free credit. Aside from the fact that you will need to employ a personal assistant in order to keep track of all your new adwords accounts, logins etc, if you get caught (sorry - WHEN) expect the
    full force of Google to descend on your ass, including banning of your IP, the websites you were trying to promote, and that kind of thing.

    If you really need $50 that bad, how about going out and getting a paper round???

    "23 and filthy rich" EXPOSED!​

    This joker Chris Campbell runs a bunch of sites including '23andfilthyrich.com' and 'getrichwithchris.com'.
    He's a 20 something nobody who still lives in Daddy's house and uses pictures of his Dad's cars to try and bolster his ludicrous claims that he is a 'successful internet marketer making $3000 a day'.

    Judging by his haircut and the clothes he wears in his poorly photoshopped scammy promotional pictures, many doubt he makes $3000 a YEAR never mind $3000 a day! I wonder if he has seen a $50 a day!

    If you sign up for his 'service' you will find nothing inside but a whole bundle of 'reseller' ebooks, all way out of date, and all available for FREE on the web. YES FREE.
    Chris Campbell is a classic case of 'fake it till you make it'.

    Unfortunatley for Chris Campbell, it's unlikely he will ever 'make it', and will most likely end up living with Ma & Pa till he's 50 or collecting his pension.

    Liz Tomey

    Small time player, been around a couple of years, pumps out about 1 ebook a week on the usual suspects (resell rights, 'secrets' of google ads etc). her main site is a blog, where you can see how well she is doing,
    because she offers to 'review your site or product on her blog for $40'. Now THAT'S success don't you think!

    Courtesy of the Guru.