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Discussion in 'Adwords' started by onlineentrepreneur, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I've used adwords for several of my CPA campaigns, and have been plagued by low quality scores. As soon as Adwords realizes that a page is a "bridge" page to another offer, they "Google Slap" it with a low quality score.

    How to get around this: Once you've created a profitable adwords campaign (your ad, landing page, and offer create a profitable channel), just keep changing the domain name that you use for your landing page. Google starts every new campaign (domain name) with a quality score of 7. Once your quality score falls to a 3 or lower and traffic dies, simply purchase a new domain name and hosting package for that domain name. It's a little more costly, but if you do it a couple times a month, some hosting companies will refund your money for the previous domain and hosting package if you cancel it within a given amount of time.

    It's hard to do CPA on Adwords with a "bridge" landing page, but if that's how your doing it, I've found success with this method of changing domain names.

    Thanks is appreciated!
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    Yeah, unfortunately, once a page on your domain gets a bad quality score, you need to get a new domain rather than simply correct the issue on the page and get a better score. There may be a much cheaper way to handle bridge pages, though. It seems that you can make your links to the offer less appetizing to the spider with some javascript:

    (refer to webdesign's posts)
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    have you tried to send traffic to digg? using the digg redirect method?
    once you load that please note the url in the browser, thats the one you want to test in adsense. That was huge and became popular a while ago on a mailing forum. anyways best of luck. (i forgot how, but there was a way to remove the digg bar). I have no clue if this is of any help to you tho lol. I'm not informed enough about the google slap process/prevention.