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Discussion in 'Adwords' started by charliebones, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Ok, I very rarely use adwords because it's a major pain in the a$$ but I have an eBook I wanted to get out quickly. It's basically a handbook which covers over 100 different ways you can legally make cash on the side. It covers simple, offline stuff like powerwashing, gutter cleaning, cleaning up after dogs, etc. My claim is simply that you can make between $60 and $600 per day CASH, which is very realistic if you are willing to bust your butt.

    I tried to put up an adwords ad using a $100 voucher I had but G disapproved my ad because of "site policy". When reading the page they send me to which covers this, it mentions get rich quick schemes and misleading claims in the landing page.

    What I don't understand is there is a bunch of the "work online" type landing pages claiming "{ your town} women earns $8,000 per month online" using adwords with farticles and flogs and they aren't getting dissed. Any suggestions or help from someone with experience in this area would be appreciated.

    Also looking for networks I could run this type of ad on without the hassle. Adbrite? POF?
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    Be sneaky enough to not go under manuel review and don't trigger any alarm and you'll be on adwords.
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    >> My claim is simply that you can make between $60 and $600 per day

    That would fall under their unrealistic claims rule. Don't use specific numbers. Re-word your page to something that is not hypey. Say more something like "make extra money".

    Being sneaky won't work as it's not your ad that's the problem and will get you nowhere.
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