Advise on keyword research and Google places.. please help

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    Hello Folks,
    I'm a newbie to post a thread but I have been a quiet reader on this forum for a quite a while now, and I have come up with a couple of questions that are not letting me sleep in peace.
    So I have a website just about a year old, it's a business site and I'm not aiming at monetizing (i.e. affiliate ads, ads, etc) and the website is the only source of income for the business.
    My main keywords are not so competitive according to the search result but there are other shark who are eating bread from the similar businesses and they are doing some sick SEO (approx 10 first pages are packed) and the search result returns 3 750 000
    So I was lucky enough to get my listing to be on top of the local businesses box after a month of actuallly getting listed in google places but I was also stupid enough to lose the number that was on the listing (mobile umber PAY as YOU go) - I can't even explain it.
    So after buying a landline and I was getting some really good traffic from the places straight to my website and I was still getting shitloads of orders I decided to change the number of my listing to the new one - and somehow I got banned on google places(not sure what I've done)
    so my question is - is there anyway that I could start a places listing from scratch and get the top listing again? what are the chances ?
    second - How long will it take me to squeeze into the main keyword search results ? I'm willing to pay for SEO,
    please note for the main keyword - i'm not in 10 pages, neither 20. and 90% of the results are 2-3 years+ some 50% 5y+, and first 2 pages are 8y+

    any help will be much appreciated, sorry for such a long text