Advise needed on how to rank a new domain with low local search results

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    Hey Guys,

    I am a newbie in SEO and am trying to rank a keyword as a test. Here are all the details about the keyword I have:

    I have just registered a new exact match domain for the keyword (all the other domains where taken)

    Here are the numbers for the keyword:
    Local Monthly Searches: 590
    Global Monthly Searches: 1000
    Google search shows 9,910,000 results without quotes and with quotes its 880,000

    The Travis Traffic software shows this as competition: Medium Difficulty and have attached a screenshot

    I have completed all the onpage SEO on the wordpress website. Hence, my question is since its a new domain, how quick can I rank the site for my keyword and whats the best method you guys may use as a starting point.

    I understand it may take a while but I wanted to know if anyone have done SEO on similar keyword scenario in terms of new domain name, keyword search numbers and have ranked on the first page.

    Would appreciate any tips or advise to point me in the right direction to start off.


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    Build links.
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    This keyword is not worth doing. The search values are way too low and the competition is hard. If you want to test your seo skills, go for an easier keyword.
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    Consideration #1 is remember what G00gle is after. Thats relevancy. If you look closely at your competitors on your screenshot you can see some of the factors which determine relevancy. In this case I suspect you are in with a fighting chance considering that there appears to be a lack of keyword relevancy. It is no longer about the amount of links but how relevant to the search query you can make your pages as well as how many quality links are directed to said webpage containing quality anchor text.

    As your website is new I would hold off serious link building for at least 4 weeks. Fine to build some social markers (bookmarking etc) but personally I always lay off the heavy lifting until the site has bedded down.

    Tips? other than the above, you need to do everything you can to help G see how relevant to the search query your particular page is. A great way to do this is through creating 4 additional inner pages to support the main keyword you are targeting. You simply head over to G00gle and type in your main keyword you wish to rank for.

    1. Make a note of the additional 4 g00gle suggest keywords which show up.
    2. Create pages for each of these keywords using nothing but long (800+) unique and great quality content.
    3. Link from each new page to your homepage (assuming your target keyword is the homepage) using the target keyword as well as the keyword for each new page, again linking back to the homepage.

    This leverages the power of internal linking to support the primary page. You are showing G00gle that for your main keyterm you also have inner relevant linking, further reinforcing its relevancy to the primary keyword.

    If you combine this approach with sound and robust on-page SEO (the usual suspects, H1 Title, meta etc) and keep the 4 pages long and unique you will be well on your way to ranking both the inner pages (because they have great unique content) and the primary money page (because its also great unique long content + has 4 additional internal links with what G00gle considers to be relevant keyterms).

    Once the site has aged a little you can then further reinforce the relevancy through effective backlinking - just take it easy at the start is my advice - hope that helps TAC.
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