[ADVISE ME] how to find which porcess(server) is trying to connect to hacker client

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    Although i always use combo of zonealarm+malwarebytes+avira . but recently i had to uninstall zonealarm and malwarebytes for playing a online game. now i installed malwarebytes yesterday again. and malwarebytes is giving report that it is stoping connections to a few ips address.
    the ips are are : is one among them that keeps trying to connect to internet

    Its ip from US .

    How do i find which process is responsible for this connection.

    Alos please suggest what kind of antivirus ,frewall combo i should use as these day my competitors Internet marketers are trying to send me a lot of virus these days from different emails and hoping me to install them by mistake :)

    I m quite worried with my pc security. kindly suggest