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    first sorry for my english.

    I ask to help me to find an auto blogging software that will have the folowing functions:

    -To post at random time , some random choosed articles from one or multiples folders.( I preffer from multiples folders with different categegories)
    -Platform to post --- ( minimum) blogger , (wp the free one like blogger, not on my owne host)

    I created a sort of mini blog farm with various interlinking structure inside wp and blogger....and I have a sort of landing page...
    I create my own articles with my own links inserted in and NOW I want to post randomly those articles by email at random blogs. ( you surely know the function og blogger and wp to receive the posts by email)

    I do not want to post RSS ( there are various softwate with this abilities) because I want to prepare my content , my inner keywords

    There is a such software on the market?
    a sort of joseph tierney blogposter...but i do not like this software...because it luck the random function, the multiple folders, and ....( shame on me) i can not set it to work corectly on WP ( but I see how it is working at a friend)

    Any advices?
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    I think you better use the search feature, or else if you want to spend some bucks, you can get it coded.

    I am expert in php and can probably help you in this :)