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    Hello all, and thank you for your patience with me.

    I am a middle aged white woman with no real computer training, so I really don't belong here :) but...

    I have taken to learning a bit about web design over the past few years and actually have some great ideas. I have been trying to teach myself various aspects of web design, seo, etc. in an attempt to kick some of these projects out of my head and out into the world. But it almost seems like the more I learn the less I do and then get totally frustrated thinking nothing will work.

    I am also a realtor and have worked a fair amount with real estate related sites. I even had my main one hitting top 5 google results for a number of short keywords in the Phoenix market...which isn't small.

    Question 1: I have several domain names and was thinking of setting them up as autoblogs since they're just kind of sitting there anyway...and a number of them are very keyword rich. After reading several things, it appears that using autoblog software really won't work unless you spend a great deal of time writing your own articles...which to me kinda defeats the point. Can you get an autoblog to work with just it? (thinking of using wprobot)

    Question 2: I have a really good domain name I've had for about 7 years. I was setting it up as a classified/auction site about 14 months ago and I was ranking #1 google (above ebay) for common product search terms (i.e. tom dubois litho, budweiser memorabilia, etc) if I had the product listed. This showed me that google liked me...and/or the software. Question is...what would be the best use for this domain while it "sits"?

    Question 3: Is there any 1 place to get current, accurate information regarding affiliate/money making start up sites? Something that has a step by step...not just "you need seo and backlinks" but doesn't tell you what a backlink is and exactly how to get them.

    Thank you kindly for any direction
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    1st off, I guess you've read a lot of guides, thats good to know.
    Regarding your 1st question, yes autoblogs may work for awhile but content is really messy and duplicated which isn't good. The good ones have unique content. If you have a good keyword domain, then you should definetely try to use affiliate program and get commission for people who buy products after clicking the link through your website. And your last question, if you look around the forums here, there are some case studies or user experience guides that area really useful. (I found a lot of them useful).