Advice please - Best way to promote band facebook page in Australia

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by corringham, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Sep 2, 2011
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    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice please. I'm trying to promote my band on Facebook and gain new fans.

    I currently have around 1k UK fans which were gathered over years, but I now need Australian fans fast, specifically within Sydney. I have purchased Facebook Blaster Pro but it doesn't work and I can't get a response from support.

    I have also tried to run Facebook Adds on a very small budget but an unknown band add gets hardly any clicks, even offering music for free.

    I've noticed on here a lot of people are offering services to sell/add thousands of fans but I need quality targeted fans that may stand a chance of coming to gigs and buying CDs.

    Ideally I need to gain fans from other bands and venues sites.

    Any guidence would be grately appreciated :)
  2. JohnnyRabbit

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    Sep 29, 2010
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    Maybe do a PPC campaign and get some fans that way... This is something I see a lot on FB PPC campaigns
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    Nov 15, 2009
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    Do you need to stick to Facebook?
    I guess what you really want is to promote your band and music isn't? Facebook is just a "means to an end".
    Few tips:

    • On Facebook add old school friends, distant family... leave comments on walls.
    • Get a ReverbNation My Band Page App. for Facebook.
    • Put the band's name and URL clearly onto T-shirts, and GIVE THEM AWAY ON your facebook
    • Add Unsigned Band Promotion to your Facebook Friends List.
    • Rotate your band's Facebook avatar regularly - but keep it within your branding goal.
    • MySpace, Join, add friends, leave comments.
    • Start a MySpace Group related to your band and/or genre.
    • Join MySpace Groups related to your genre.
    • Start a MySpace fan site to support your band - add friends, leave comments.
    • Start a MySpace fan Group to support your band.
    • Add Unsigned Band Promotion to your MySpace Friends List.
    • Rotate your band's MySpace avatar regularly - but keep it within your branding goal.
    • Quit MySpace When Andrew Dubber marked Sunday October 24th 2010 as 'Quit MySpace Day', it's time to leave MySpace without comment - could this be the best tip here? "Hey! We're not on MySpace much, but we can continue to be friends on Facebook" - Band quote of 2010?
    • Network and forge relationships with anyone in the business!
    • Tell your fans about your Website and Social Media blogs.
    • Visit and post on the same Forums and Blogs that your fans use.
    • Start a Vlog on your Website and or Wordpress. Then see: The Hype Machine.
    • Leave comments in blogs related to your genre.
    • Create a short, snappy signature that includes your band's name and URL for blogs and forums.
    • Answer questions in genre related forums and blogs.
    • Try using a question for the title of your forum/blog posts.
    • Use your band's name as your URL, If you can't get your band's name as your domain name, make your domain name short and memorable.
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    u can buy accts with frnds and then use them to promote your band.... i have ready stock let me know if i can be of help
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    awesome ~!!