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    Hey guys, I've had mild success with 16-20 page small niche sites over the past year (think Chris Rempel) with affiliates. I currently have over a dozen niche sites in the same industry with 7 making consistent money but nothing major and not enough for a full time income. I'm looking into scaling my sites into a network with updated web 2.0 social marketing strategies (Howie Schwarz, Stompernet, etc.) This is mainly whitehat in the same industry but with different sub-niches modeled after "dejacrew"'s thread a while back. So here's my plan.

    1) Create 5 main money sites with 10 content info articles and 10 articles to promote products and affiliate links. Keywords focused on brand and product longtail and general terms with mid to high search volume and mid competition.

    2) create 5 landing pages for opt-in list building, one for each main site

    3) create about 10-15 satellite mini-sites using a variety free CMS and self-hosted: hubpages, squidoo, weebly, etc. Each will have opt-in with quality content. No hard sell product or service promotion

    4) Use web 2.0 social marketing strategies, a la Howie Scharwz, to promote landing pages, main sites, and satellite mini-sites. Satellite mini sites links back to main sites.

    5) Gather mailing list from each main site. Run survey of free content and product info. Create bonus/giveaway reports, ebooks, and software. Send out quality content to mailing list once a week. Employ Chris Rempel Rapid List Profit strategies. Test and experiment. Build relationship over the long term.

    6) Continue promoting all sites, add 1 article to each main site each week. Evaluate progress. Test and experiment.

    7) Start big product creation; 5 set DVD, comprehensive manual, bonus ebooks, audio/video presentations, workbooks

    8) Continue giving content to list.

    9) Evaluate conversions

    10) launch new main site and repeat all steps

    11) Finish big product and promote through list and main sites, set up new landing page and promote that as well, sell a number and launch affiliate program.

    12) Evaluate progress and go from there

    I've been involved in the niche for over 10 years, but only been publishing sites for less than 2 years. I am planning to write all my content.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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