Advice on reviving gambling site to flip in short time

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by pgaoroagnloeid, Feb 27, 2015.

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    I own a gambling website, I have had the domain for years but finally put it to use with a "partner" who essentially used the domain and the site and put the money in his pocket for a couple of years. Finally I had enough and we split. He took the fb page and twitter, etc. and changed the names and used them for his new site and left me without any of the social media accounts we had built up.

    The site has an algorithmic penalty from panda/penguin.

    It has no fresh content in forever.

    It's a mess.

    I had always planned on holding onto it and reviving it when I could when it looked like online gambling might get its act back together in the states.

    Now, I'm in a pinch and really need some quick cash.

    Any advice on what I can do to the site or with it to make that happen would be greatly appreciated.