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Advice on my youtube strategy

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by karma05, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. karma05

    karma05 Regular Member

    May 30, 2013
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    I've had a bit of success promoting products in many different niches on youtube, I make maybe $100-200 in sales in total in the period of about 2 weeks, from a few videos I uploaded in the past, they weren't very good quality and they aren't ranking for anything that I know of.

    But, since I know that youtube definitely works for promoting products in pretty much any niche, I'd like to scale everything up as much as possible, because I know there is huge potential.

    So I've come up with the idea that for every niche I'm involved in, I'll have a whitehat channel, and a separate blackhat channel.

    The whitehat channel is intended to last for years, and the blackhat channels are for mass uploading with MVB.

    But I'm having difficulty figuring out how everything should work completely, so I have a few questions:

    1. Lets say for example the niche I'm in is "landscaping" and I have a product to promote about "landscaping ideas". On the whitehat channel, should I have 1 video the pre sells that product, and then, on the rest of my videos link to that video with annotations etc? Or should I link directly to the product page from each and every video?

    2. For the whitehat channel, should I only make videos targeting keywords? Or should you create videos without targeting any specific keywords as well?

    3. For the mass uploading, would it be best to direct traffic from the mass uploaded videos to my whitehat channel, or just directly to a product page?

    4. For mass uploading, since it's all short term stuff, should you be uploading videos targeting keywords? Or just videos with clickbait titles without any keyword optimization?

    5. and lastly, for mass uploading, what should you be testing and analyzing to get the best results for each time you mass upload?