Advice on Joint Venture with Furniture Business

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by yazo80s, Feb 8, 2009.

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    I was recently contacted by a business owner about the possibility of selling his products, which are furniture products (he owns a furniture store, with a huge inventory). He is willing to pay me 30% commision.

    I was thinking of JV'ing with other business for their client list, which i in turn would bring customers over to the furniture biz in the form of a incentative, which would be something like a 25% percent off their purchase when they buy from the furniture store.

    Any one have any other ways how i can sell his furniture products and earn the 30% commision he's offering? Maybe a online store?

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    OK first things first; this is not spam, advertisting or anything else similar.

    Instead, I am just posting a reply to the question posed above, hopefully this is ok?


    If I were you I would contact my boss at homestansted dot co dot uk - as we have nearly 20 e-commerce furniture stores, and are always looking for additional new stock.

    If you could drop-ship stuff then that would be even better. Anyway, take a look at one of our stores (url above), and see what you think.