Advice on Fact Finding Procedure

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    Jan 15, 2014
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    Hey Guys,

    I've known you guys to be sh*t hot at advice, and basically being able to lay the law down.

    Any advice would be appreciated on the matter,

    I work at a Large chain on IT training stores.

    The other day I had a customer doing come in doing prep for an exam in store, he was basically struggling and pulled me to one corner and offered me a bribe, being the P***Y i am i said no, day after day he would constantly increase the price for me to get his exam done and the pressure came in and i sort of caved in, i then advised him to use one of my guys.

    The guy i suggested did his exam and all went well...... welll up till today.

    I had a note of my manager saying he needs me to come in for a fact finding investigation regarding an accusation, apparently for unfair practice in the store.

    Basically i am now sh*tting it, i might even need to wear a diaper, wtf would you say to this informal meeting!

    Any advice or insult appreciated!
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    Were there cameras? Is this guy working for the store? It's some sort of entrapment if he is.