Advice on buying small site with existing ad network approval

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    I'd like advice on purchasing a small site that will easily get approval from legit ad networks and SSP's. I don't really care about traffic for any reason other than that (most networks/SSP's seem to want like 10k/m minimum uniques) and don't care about revenue at all. Also don't care about domain name quality or content vertical. Ideally the site would already be approved for at least AdSense and even better would be some CPM-based networks/SSP's.

    Is Flippa the best place to look? What should I expect to spend? Are the "verified traffic" numbers on Flippa legit? Are the new / duplicate sites on there good enough to get the job done or should I look for something with some age to it?

    Thanks for the help

    *ETA: I guess buying a domain with traffic would be a reasonable option as well yea?
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