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Advice on a newbie's idea... very captive market

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by soniqv, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. soniqv

    soniqv Newbie

    Jan 17, 2009
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    Hello BHW, first post and first real venture. Excuse my extreme newbieness, but I've been living on marketing forums the past few days just waiting to hatch that perfect idea and I think I may just have done that. Been unemployed and living frugally off a savings account for a couple months, and started last week giving myself a Frank Abagnale-style crashcourse education in making internet $$$. I know I'll always have chump work to return to in a few months if I need it. But I'm trying my damnedest not to need it.

    Basically I know a good amount of people who are forced to get their internet through one source, which employs Websense. It's kind of a closed culture that I'm pretty sure not too many people know about unless you somehow stumbled into it like I did. I have a feeling that between the people I know, and the people those people know, that's a pretty good pool of people who can't get to their favorite porn sites. It's to the point where a lot of people just come with their own porn collection on laptops/hard drives now (which, for those who never had to do so, it can get boring really quickly).

    So I'm thinking I can market a proxy specifically targeted at these people, because I know when I was one of them I would have happily paid $5-10 a month to see something other than my private collection. You can't even find proxies once you're behind the Websense iron curtain because they also block any sites that publicly offer access to or even promote proxies. I've tried and they're very effective. I'm envisioning a system where customers paypal me for the service and I send them a login/password which goes to a landing page with some (adult) ads from which point they can do wherever they want, Websense free.

    So to anyone out there with experience here are a few questions:
    -Does this idea even sound profitable? I'd rather not set everything up with a $9 subscription only to find that it's costing me $8 per customer on the proxy.
    -How tough is it to stay ahead of Websense? Circumventing big brother is the only reason people would be paying for it. If I kept it low-key and never actually marketed to "the public" (e.g. not submitting to search engines and only spreading by e-mail and subsequent word of mouth, maybe print out some makeshift business cards with e-mail contact only) is there any way they could figure me out? What if they did, could I just get my hosting to change IP's? How much of a headache would that be?
    -Assuming the responses here result in me actually moving forward with this, can anyone recommend a good place to get a crash course in proxies that is up to date with the current state of the biz?
    -Anything else you can think of that will prevent a newbie entrepreneur from tripping over his own nuts?

    Thanks all...