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    Just purchased a new site
    and I'm thinking about how best to monetize it. Here are my thoughts:

    1. Make it into a review site, contact online stores, ask for samples of product to review. (Anybody had success with this, btw? One of my wife's friends had a beauty products site and she would get tons of freebies to try/review). Then use review articles to attempt to rank for those products, linking anchor text with affiliate account.

    2. Build traffic, sell CPM banner ads to yoga stores. Need a regular feature here to keep people coming back, so I'm thinking about a forum, though I know they are virtually impossible to get going.

    3. Just focus on converting high-payout LinkVault / clickbank products.

    These are not mutually exclusive ideas, but I'm fairly new to this, so I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm overlooking something obvious (or non-obvious). Thanks, in advance, for your input.
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    1. Too difficult. Just find existing reviews and paraphrase them to sound like your own.

    2. Too difficult. If you really have yoga traffic you shouldn't have any problem BEING your own yoga store ... plenty of products available from amazon and many other places.

    3. Clickbank and yoga ... hmmm. Doesn't sound like that would be a good match.

    A quality, informative yoga posts covering non-product yoga keywords to be monetized with adsense, and posts covering yoga products to be monetized with amazon or something similar.
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    Is it not already monetized with amazon? I can see a little shop there.
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    With all the options that you mentioned (1-3), you need to look at:

    1) A (quick) market analysis to see what the demand for products/services in that niche are.
    2) Can these products/services be monetized easily? e.g. are these products/services people would readily buy in an online store? If so, what's your USP/what makes you different to the 100's/1000's of other sites?
    3) If traffic is purely organic, look at the competition and how difficult it would be to rank.

    Next time, better to do this before buying the domain.
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