[ADVICE NEEDED] Where to sell names/address/phone/email/age/sex etc lists?

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    My latest project will be heavily targetting the capturing of user details, name, ag, sex, address, emails, postcodes etc and i was wondering if anybody had experience in selling this kind of information.

    If so, where is good to sell it?
    What pricing are we looking at roughly per profile?

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    It would be much easier for you to sell these kind of Lists if you mention the Project..
    As Per my Experience as a Leads vendor around 5yrs, Onething I noticed that if you want to sell your Customers lists and get a good selling ratio.then it would be much better if you mention the project and the name of traffic through which the list has been generated like B2B or B2C (Customers of Debt recovery,Loan Modification, Mortgage, Pharmacy, Pay Day, etc..).
    The Customers Lists is mostly buy by those who do Call centers, Email marketing etc...

    For selling your Lists I would recommend you to use the above mention Ideas and see the Conversions