[ADVICE NEEDED]HOW to sell private data to local businesses

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    My original thread was deleted by a mod because he thaught I was trying to SELL this. I am not, I am merely asking for advice on how to go about selling these details. I am not interested in selling them to people on this site. I am only interested in advice so please only provide me with the how's to go about to sell it to local businesses.

    I have access to about 15.000 private post adresses from customers. They need to give this adres to register their member card to access my local offline business. It includes full name and adress, birth date, etc.

    Does anyone know how I can start selling this information? There must be companies out there (f.e mail order/marketing) that can use real authentic post adresses, aged 16-25, including date of birth, full name, full adress, and in many cases even email adres.

    How much would I be able to get for about 15.000 of these adresses?