[Advice for the broke] Resell WSO content on Fiverr for startup cash

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    Apr 23, 2012
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    I've been doing this for a while. Fiverr users are very, very retarded and don't really expect much from you so they are easily impressed. I downloaded heaps of WSOs from BH forums and then quickly went through them and if it has any semi-useful feature (remember Fiverr users are easy to impress) I made a Fiverr gig for it. Don't just resell their ebooks in whole (or do if you want, I never tried because I was worried about being banned from my level 2 account), but usually they'll have things like email swipe files, or example contracts (the offline WSOs), useful link lists, or small amounts of other useful stuff amongst the fluffy bullshit. This stuff sells reasonably well on Fiverr, especially if related to social media or SEO and is good for a quick bit of money.

    Hope that helps somebody, I know it's not a genius idea, but it is pretty much guaranteed to earn you a little cash if you're broke (I see people on her who don't even have cash to get hosting, and this will get you that amount of cash for sure).
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