Advice for my first real SEO traffic building job

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by craigjarvis, Jul 19, 2010.

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    So my companies website sucks, and I brought this up to my boss.

    It gets almost zero traffic, and his adwords is setup wrong. (Hasn't gotten an adsense bill in a year).

    He was impressed with my SEO knowledge (what little I have is impressive to non computer people I guess).

    I haven't really tried to build traffic on a site without using blackhat techniques.

    I use scrapebox, and a couple of scripts on my own sites, and don't want to do anything spammy with this one.

    heres my plan tell me what you think:
    Fix adwords to target keywords that actually get searches
    create articles to add to the site 1 per week
    Submit the same articles to article sites, and document sites
    Manually comment to high PR blogs

    Should these significantly help the sites ranks and traffic?
    Do you have any other suggestions?
    What non spammy things can I automate?
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    All those things will help if they aren't currently being done yes.

    Press Releases once a fortnight are also a good idea.

    I wouldn't use any automation tools atm I don't trust them (other than scrapebox), though you can use iMarco's or Ubot to semi-automate part of the stuff your doing in a fairly reliable manner.
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    Perhaps check over for onpage optimization as well and decide on if you haven't already which keywords to target for the seo. Otherwise, good ideas. Perhaps you could also blast the articles with SB but not the site itself.
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