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    I am new to marketing. I've recently went through a training course on marketing, focusing primarily on mobile marketing. I feel very confident in my abilities to market successfully but I am having difficulty joining ad networks. I am curious if anyone knows of an ad network that accepts new advertisers and pays. I am not talking about companies like InMobi or Clickbank. I mean, companies that are advertised on Offervault, like PeerFly. I've applied to many companies on OfferVault but I'm not getting accepted. It's very difficult to get a foot in the door when I do not have a website or references to give companies of previous groups I've marketed. I will gladly create a website to showcase my abilities but I'm unsure of how to tailor it to appeal to what I'm trying to do. I want to market niches like health and fitness, dating, and apps. And another setback to creating a website is that I'm not interested in marketing for desktops and laptops. I'm interested in marketing for mobile phones. So, any advice would be greatly appreciated. And any tips on companies that are willing to accept new advertisers will be greatly appreciated.

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