Advertising your Business - Facebook Ads VS. Google AdWords

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    Hey guys,

    I feel like advertising your business the right way is the most discussed and complicated topic when it comes to E-Commerce, right after finding a niche or product. In this thread I'm going to point out the differences between Facebook as an advertising platform (many people here seem to use it) and Google AdWords.

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook is the largest social network and therefore knows a lot about more than a billion people. You can target audiences by demographics, interest, behaviours and other things, which allows very detailed audiences.

    The problem with Facebook Ads is, that people on Facebook are usually not in "buying mode". They come to Facebook for entertainment, for liking stuff, watching videos etc. Thats why even though CTR (Click Through Rates) on Facebook can be ok or good, the conversions usually aren't. Many people contacted me telling that they didn't make a single sale through Facebook. Here are two things to keep in mind:

    Branding VS. Direct Sales
    1. Facebook is perfect for raising brand awareness. Posts can be shared and if you post the right and interesting media, you can grow a nice audience for a relatively cheap amount of money. So Facebook all in all is more "long-term".

    2. However, if you want to generate direct leads to your business via Facebook, you have to stay persistent and continously improve your ads. Its not enough if you through 5$ at Facebook and run a campaign for two days and cry if you get clicks but no sales. You basically know nothing about your target audience, and just because you have the 9032328th women clothing store on the planet and targeted "25-30 year old women interested in clothing" doesn't mean that your campaign automatically has to be successful. If, above that, your landing page isn't that good (which I saw many many times when people showed me their shop), it is almost guaranteed that you will burn money.

    That doesn't mean that you can't make sales and profits with Facebook, but usually you either need quite an entertaining and not too expensive product, or your ads have to fit your website very well and create a harmony.

    Google AdWords

    Google AdWords on the other hand is more straightforward when it comes to direct sales. Usually you pay more for a click than on Facebook, but you can target highly interested people in a specific topic, especially for a buying decision.

    Example: someone on Facebook clicks on an ad for jewelery, maybe just to have a quick look. On Google someone types in "buy cheap jewellery USA". This search query is a clear purchase-indicator. This means that a person landing on your page after seeing your ad in the Google Search Results will more likely buy than the random person on Facebook.

    On Google it is even more important to get a good Quality Score though, which leads to cheaper CPC and a higher rank within the search results.

    Of course, with Google you can't communicate a brand the way you can on Facebook, with videos, a linked page and an audience, but it can be a source of highly targeted potential customers.

    So when you are thinking of which ad platform to use for your business, take the pros and cons into consideration, maybe try both (or others as well) and see which works best for you.

    Hope this helped you somehow, even though its quite basic.