Advertising inside a tobacco related niche?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by PTBAP, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Hey guys.

    so I started a dropshipping website inside of the hookah niche (a specific part of it).

    my problem is that Facebook, Google, and many other platforms don't allow the advertising of tobacco products and/or accessories related to smoking tobacco, which is putting a big halt in the potential traffic I could be driving in.

    how can I get more traffic besides trying to increase my page ranking in Google?

    thanks all
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    Start and build an instagram account. Use hookah + girls pictures for example. If done right it may drive a really nice traffic to your website. Tried searching with #hookah, lots of stuff there so it is definitely not prohibited.
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    There are advertising networks other than Google, Bing, and Facebook. You might consider then with some banner ad's. The problem is that your niche is not going to be allowed on many of the quality sites, and frankly its a slowly dying niche. You may see better bang by looking into organic SEO more deeply.
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    You post a very interesting and unique question.

    If somebody puts a wall before you, you may try to dig under the wall, make it through the side, or get over the wall.

    Don't stop because this is simple.

    Facebook, Google and other platforms may ban direct advertising of tobacco and other related products, but they don't ban tobacco- related content.

    Make this your entry point.

    Create a Facebook fan page involving new stories or viral videos about tobacco.

    The key is to build a Facebook group or fan page that deals with your niche-specific product.

    Don't let categorical restrictions discourage you.

    As long as you prove that your Facebook fan page focuses on tobacco related lifestyle or humor, you're good to go.