Advertising demographically for my small service business?

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by Noonan, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Hey Guys.
    I have a lot of internet experiance but never made any money off it. Within the past few days I started ewhoring and seem pretty successful, but its only something to do when I am not working for myself.

    I design, install, and maintain saltwater aquariums. I make a good amount of money. I am financially stable, sometimes work 7 days a week, sometimes work less than 3 days a week but I can't complain.. who doesn't like a few days off?

    I tried advertising on Google. Since my site is flash, it doesn't really pick up my site. I had to pay Adwords. It was expensive, and I wasn't too sure what I was doing. I know for a good spot they wanted $300 a day O_O

    Google worked out for a bit but it didn't take long for me to hit my daily budget and fall to the bottom. I then placed an ad in a local home design magazine. It was $700 and I got 2 customers from it.

    CL seems to be doing the best for me right now. I have gotten about a dozen steady customers from CL so thats pretty good.

    I just wanted to see if you had any more tips for my business.. I obviously don't want to be advertising in Cali for a service job- since I am in NJ.

    (site is aquariumNJ dot com)
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    CL and Backpage are great for local services. Don't forget to submit your site to google local. If you're going to use adwords, make sure you geotarget and use keywords with location information.
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    Another alternative would be ranking in the serps for local terms "new jersey aquarium" has an average search volume of 18,100. There are all kinds of good long tails for your area/niche.

    (Go to the google keyword tool and type in new jersey aquarium)

    Your flash site looks fantastic, but I don't think it will rank very well. You may want to make a second site to designed to rank well. (send your craigslist traffic to your current site and have your other site getting the organic traffic)