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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by keenmobi, May 4, 2017.

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    Mar 24, 2017
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    Dozens of articles are devoted to advertising in blogs. The names of popular bloggers are known to most marketers. But in blogging projects, the same errors can occur too. How advertisers can avoid troubles and bloggers can not be affraid their audience goes away.

    There is an opinion that advertising with bloggers is a gold mine: accurate hit in the target audience, large coverage and sales growth, even a viral effect. But for effective work with blogs and bloggers, you need to know the laws and pitfalls of this communication tool. In the end, bloggers are not a conveyor for shipping traffic. There is a place for the human factor, reservations, incorrect KPI and poor creativity.

    There was some cases like bloggers distorted the pronunciation of the name of the trademark. From that advertisers do not know what to expect from bloggers - they are perceived as professional producers of content that are well versed in brands. And this is not so. In advertising with the participation of bloggers it is important that each of the parties engaged in their own business. A blogger is not a marketer. And I recommend you communicate more with the blogger and accurately convey to him the values and features of your brand.

    The frequent risks of blogging projects:

    Imposing an unusual image. The audience is accustomed to seeing their hero in one role, and brand advertising dictates a new role - this causes dissonance.

    Hard script.
    In the video, the blogger has to pronounce the learned words invented by other people. Act without improvisation and ease. The result looks unauthentic - the audience quickly feels it and reacts negatively, putting a dislike and unflattering comment.

    One-time activation. Instead of strategy and continuous communication consisting of several publications, the brand uses one-time cooperation. The result is a low memorability of the brand, drowned on the second day in information noise. This can include the use of only one of the communication channels of the blogger with the audience.

    The advertising product is the focus of attention. The resulting material is more like an advertising clip, and users want to see first of all interesting content - the advertiser should take care of this in order to win the loyalty of the audience.

    Ignoring the specifics of the audience. The blogger does not take into account the peculiarities of his audience - he thinks that his audience will like everything.

    Understanding risk helps bloggers and advertisers avoid mistakes in communication with the audience.

    Carefully study the content of the blogger before the cooperation. This will help avoid vain expectations, as well as evaluate the work of the blogger with other brands and predict the results of the project. It will not be superfluous to request a description of the channel, cases and statistics. The format of a particular blog could well lead to an idea of how the campaign can be creative. Also, one should not forget that some bloggers organically place advertising almost impossible, while for others, on the contrary, advertising becomes an integral part of entertainment content. So, the popular author Eugene turns out to do advertising, which users themselves cut out of his video and placed in separate collections, collecting more than 700 thousand views.


    Bloggers and advertisers have much more in common. They depend on each other. Moreover, transparency and honesty in the relationship directly affects the comfort of working on a blogging