Advertise your business/ services exclusively to union members nationwide

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    I can get your business or services on the biggest union site in the country for union members in your area to get direct access to your company.

    We cater to just about every business or service and offer between 4-6 spots in each profession which leaves those providers to be the "go to" providers in their region for union members in the counties that they serve.

    If you have a website, we do add a hyperlink that directs clients straight to your site.

    Most counties have over 100,000 union members and some counties have over 1 million members.

    Its a great way to boost your business and to get your name out there and you will certainly make money through the continued business and referrals of union members.

    If you wish to have your business appear in several counties or cities, please contact me for more details. Statewide and nationwide banners are also available so feel free to contact me with your requests.

    When contacting me, please including what the nature of your business/ service is as well as which county/city/ state you are seeking exposure in.