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the clown from support "marty" did not approve my account ,it's so funny when my account is more legit than 99% of affiliates accounts .
meanwhile all noobs with no much experience signup with this cpa network to brag about their stats .... they are not worth my time . i have accounts with networks who are on top of their game .
got decreased convertion days after days in the beginning of this years. any of you have same issue like me ?? hope get explained before go jump to other network. !!
Now I am confused but where is the owner of the network?
Working. In current situation they have a large increase in traffic, I'm sure they are trying to get ahead of their competitors,
improving their service (I have a lot fo emails and skype messages from their competritors with questions why I don't lead traffic). I proceed from the situation before and after the virus. And I'm not fan boy, just can't stand this bullshit.
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