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Jul 8, 2014
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Can you please send me everything you have in the food niche please and any discounts.


May 30, 2009
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I have received a review copy from the seller of 1 link. Here's my review:

The domain has great stats - DA46 and RD 1046.
The website seems as real as any other - lots of content and nice structure.
The article was handwritten and has good quality. You can read it and get some value of it, it's far from AI populated garbage or spun content. The structure was great.

The link was placed naturally in the second paragraph and was the only link in the article.

I couldn't find anything wrong with the link or the website other than default wordpress favicon.
The website is managed well as I believe the entire network is.
I'd recommend this service.

Thanks again for selecting me for the review copy.

Fairly impressed with this

DA 45 PA 35
Articles are spun but very readable compared to normal spun content
websites look good, logos, sections that make sense.
If a bit of time was taken to fix the slight spun text errors this would be in the next level of PBNS

for the price good IMO

Received my review link today:

site DA 40+ & RD 1K+.

Website looks clean with logo & relevant pages

The blog post was decent but definitely spun (should try to improve the quality a bit) but link placement was contextually done on the paragraph & the external authority link was added as well for topical relevancy.

Overall a decent quality link & the price is affordable is as well, recommended!


Received 1 review copy from the seller. Domain metrics as DA 40 and RD 1072. Communications with the seller were professional. The report was provided in excel uploaded on Mediafire.

Article content was written well. Not spun but found some efforts were put in writing that article. The anchor was placed naturally. The image was used once related to the content.

Final Words
This is a decent service that gives what you pay for. Niche-related links from PBN are being provided by the seller. It feels like the DA and RD metrics were bubbled up as the organic traffic is almost none to the website where my link was placed. Not sure how helpful this will be for the Google rankings. A decent service that provides what it says.

I was given a free review copy in exchange for this review

Review for 1 pbn link.

The OP gave me 1 pbn link and it was about the niche i choosed (finance), the blog metrics: RD 1000+, DA 49 | PA 37 SS: 1% TF 13 and domain age: 2Y.
The blog has a cool design, it includes a proper logo, contact form, category sections, fake ads, it looks like a legit site.
What I liked the most was the article, it was unique and handwritten (doesn't look like spun to me), easy to follow without grammar typos, and is about my website topic, i really like the content. Communication with the seller was good and he delivered the report in the estimated TAT.

Things that could be improve:
  • Font size of the blog is small, i suggest increasing font size a bit.
  • Website use the default wordpress favicon, i recommend using a custom.
  • Pbn has a lot of redirects and blog comments backlinks.


If you are looking for relevant links for a good price this is a decent service for quality niche pbn in my opinion, you can get solid backlinks to your website, with great content and minimal footprints.


Domain has good metrics
- but they are inflated. Lots of redirects and blog comments. Although i sifted through them and there are some pretty damn good links that point to the domain its just been boosted for better metrics
Domain ranks for some keywords.

Look of the site: This is one of the best damn (public) pbn site that i have seen to date. reading through the other reviews above and tbh they are under-valuing the look of the pbn link i got. site is excellent loooking
For this reason pointing these to a money site i would not be opposed to.
badass logo
damn site actually has ads lmao. a lot of time went into making this domain look good.

My content was supplied by me, but effort went into my article. embed videos (multiple), link out to relevant sources. its a money site article.

I have only seen one domain but if they are up to par with the one i got, Then this is a Very good service for the price.

my recommendation for the seller would be if going to put this much effort into making the sites look good, get some lower metric domains, use only handwritten content and charge way way more.

Review time: I have received 1 link as a part of the review copy. the TAT was fast. The blog we received has SSL certificate installed, DA is above 50 and RD is above 1100. Niche related and unique 400+ words article is written along with proper image and keyword placement, the service is 100% worth the price.

Good luck with your sales thread. :)

Review time:

I was given a review copy for 1 link. The site has decent stats: Domain Authority is 47, and Ahrefs’ Domain Rating is 33. There are over 1000 mostly d*follow referring domains. The website domain name is very relevant to my niche too. Since it contains posts that date back four years ago, this makes the site look legitimate. And to my surprise, the written article is high in quality and contains the keywords correctly placed.

Thank you @flexpaydude for the good quality link. I would say this PBN service is one of the higher quality one here and worth it if you are looking for niche related PBN backlinks.


Got 01 post as a free review copy

Site metrics matches as describes in op.
DA 50+ with RD 1k+

Article quality is good enough.
400+ words with appropriate image.

Site design is good with logo & premium theme

Fast TAT

Thanks for the copy.


Review Copy

Got 1 link DA 41 RD +1k
Readable article with 1 picture +500 words
Niche Related
SSL enabled
Domain Age 4 Years
Website is under News category + Nice design

Thanks @flexpaydude for the review copy. I really recommend this service

Review Copy

I got 1 link as a review copy and it's sent via an excel file.
The link has great metrics
The content is relevant and reads well.
The site is designed very well.
Anchor text was placed naturally in the article.
The link is indexed on ahrefs but not indexed on google yet but it will happen over time.
Very good service and it can help in ranking keywords if used well.


Very pleased with my review order.
- well written article.
- DA 45 RD 299.
- Fits my niche.
- Secure natural looking website always a plus.

Decent article and Niche relevant website

DA 44 PA 19 spam score 1%

Good looking website

Good link, recommended, these are better PBNs than normal at this price range

For more queries and clarifications:
Contact: Skype: flexpaydude (live:.cid.dee91713d8396646) | Mail: [email protected]
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May 30, 2009
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