Advanced Technique needed for Rapid INDEXING of my Backlinks Please!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by alexsosn, Mar 1, 2011.

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    I am using SENUKE to submit my articles to many Social Networks, Article Directories and Social Bookmark Nuke it! I then Gather ALL RSS feeds from URL Manager and run ScrapeBox to see which links are NOT indexed .. then take those NOT indexed RSS feeds create a SUPER RSS/combine it into 1 RSS and run through RSS Module in Senuke as well as I use RSS SUMBIT 3.0 to post it to 100 RSS sites.

    I then use AMR to get LIVE LINKS APPROVED Submited Links and create RSS Feed with ScrapeBox then upload it to my server and run this RSS to Senuke RSS module and RSS SUBMIT 3.0 software.

    I ALSO take all AMR Articles and Social Network Links from Senuke and submit it in BACKLINK ENERGIZER on my site/server for these links to be indexed.

    BUT STILL MANY LINKS are not getting indexed!?? What ELSE should I be doing to make my efforts of creating Backlinks worthwhile?

    I know all my work doesn't count if these links are not found by google or other engines. so I need your advice please..