Advanced interest targeting questions [Advice needed]

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    1. For example if you will write to interest insights "harry potter" it will eject similar related keywords like J K Rowling or Lego Harry Potter (strongly linked).
    Now if I will put it to a paid software it will eject "harry potter" "groom" "death eater" "voldemort" and many more which are related queries not shown when using FB audience insights.

    [​IMG] tool does this quite well but it doesn't catch those really related keywords which don't have phrase or exact match.


    Any wise guys here how I could find those manually without knowing? Some search queries?

    2. It's related to the first problem
    If I will go to Harry Potter page and I will click "like" it will show other pages which I could like. Maybe this can be used also?

    It would be great to have free solution even if it is manual..