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Advanced Bot Programmer but Novice IM - need a bit of directions/suggestions on future endeavours.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by andretg, Aug 11, 2017.


I would hire a bot programmer for:

  1. 10$/hr

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  2. 15$/hr

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  3. 20$/hr

  4. 25$hr

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  5. 30(+)$/hr

  1. andretg

    andretg Newbie

    Jun 18, 2016
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    I've also added a poll on how much a bot programmer can expect (hourly rate) since I'm totally oblivious to the matter - hope you don't mind.

    Bit of a backstory.

    I've started programming a bot platform that will work across several social networking websites - I've done some laborious research with 30+ and decided on 7-8 (some very popular, some less known) that offer the best ROI in regards to future potential (number of users, marketing oportunities, etc).

    The reason for this spread across multiple websites instead of focusing on just one is the number of potential friends/followers/etc for a single bot is multiplied by the number of various websites on which he's active. So instead of having a bot with 1000 facebook friends I can have a bot with 7000 friends on multiple platforms. It will also add credibility to the bot's persona.

    I'm using selenium and node.js and at the time of speaking I've succesfully prototyped various behaviours on multiple websites (logins, changing various profile settings, posting, etc) and currently I'm building a nice infrastructure to hold the castle together so that it can run hundreds of bots as efficiently as possible - various error logging protocols, screenshot taking, VPN and IP changing, etc.

    The end goal here is to create sort of an unified API that will work across said multiple platforms - so for example I could do something like - have 100 bots [post this photo+text] or [change account details] or [smartly follow others/like posts, etc] across all 7-8 websites with just a couple of lines of code.

    My questions.

    I'm new to this whole IM thing (coming from a gamedev background) and the reason I've gotten into it was to gain some $, preferably a daily income with minimal overhead. Obviously my programming endeavor (the bot platform) requires a serious investment of time and work and I find myself in the middle of it without really knowing how to monetize it properly or even most importantly if it's a FEASIBLE approach. Maybe I'm just deluding myself into thinking I got a promising thing going or maybe not.

    I'm seeing four main monetization approaches and I would appreciate your input on each:

    1)Use it exclusively for myself to gather a number of friends/followers/etc which I'll then monetize somehow. How would you monetize 100K-1000K friends/followers?

    2)Sell the bot platform to other people on a subscription basis. Would anyone even be interested in this sort of thing?

    3)Use my accumulated experience to work for others (freelancing). Right now I'm at a point where I can automate basically any web interactions whatsoever and even bring in a little desktop automation to help it go better - like using Autoit to upload pictures automatically (cant be done from selenium) or bypassing certain shitty behaviours some browsers have in regards to some websites (like putting focus on a Opera window in order to get rid of the annoying sidebar Facebook chat notification). What hourly rate is reasonable to ask?

    4)Use my newly acquired Node.js/selenium skills to experiment with other things - like making a news agregator or the sort. Are there any other (KNOWN) IM uses for selenium/Node.js/JavaScript that can generate $ ?

    I hope I'm not asking too much and I'd appreciate your thoughts and inputs on these matters.