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    I have an adult tube script from AVS and here are my issues:
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    I am having major issues. I'm uploading videos and I test them out. Some don't play and some have crappy quality. When I look inside all videos in the script it shows some without thumbnails and not uploaded. Some are also shown with thumbnails and no time. Now i have the cheapest hosting under cirtex. Is the server timing out on larger files? Is the server taking forever to upload each video? I see 0:00 after uploading the last 2 videos and No next to mobil. Maybe I need to upgrade server? There support tried to fix a few things thinking something is wrong with the script but still same issue.
    If its not the server I assume its something wrong with the script still. Sometimes shorter videos under 2 minutes upload with thumbnail and time. Ones larger then 2 minutes have a problem. Even ones under 2 sometimes don't fully upload. I wonder if the server is timing out. But no one else is having this problem. Weird. Ive had this prob for a while now and support couldn't fix it. Much appreciated help or suggestions playaz!
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